CryptoAtoms Project

A basic blueprint of the project!

CryptoAtoms is a Decentralized App (so-called "Dapp"), consisting in a game based on collectible, exchangeable and combinable fundamental structures called Atoms!

CryptoAtoms is a game exploiting the Ethereum blockchain technology - the same breakthrough that makes cryptocurrencies possible - that allows you to own 100% unique Atoms, each of them not replicable and that cannot be taken away or destroyed.

You have full control on each of your Atoms, therefore you can buy and sell them on the Marketplace created to this extent, or donate them as traditional collectibles, entrusting the security of the Ethereum blockchain, that will track the ownership of your Atoms securely.

Unlike traditional collectibles, you can combine two Atoms to obtain a brand-new genetically unique Atom, product of the combination of such two Atoms and incorporating their properties!

Last, but not least, you can join the War of Atoms and earn valuable prizes!
Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

These apps run on a custom built blockchain, an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property. This enables developers to create markets, store registries of debts or promises, move funds in accordance with instructions given long in the past and many other things that have not been invented yet, all without a middleman or counterparty risk.

As regards Ether, it is a form of payment made by the clients of the platform to the machines executing the requested operations.In other words, it is a necessary element - a fuel - for operating the distributed Ethereum-based application platforms, it represents the incentive ensuring that developers write high-quality applications (wasteful code costs more), and that the network remains healthy (i.e. people are compensated for their contributed resources).

The source of this information is, for any deepening of the subject please refer to this website.
We are a young team of people with various expertise, ranging from engineering, to software development, to business. Our goal is to develop Dapps for a better, innovating human experience, and this is our first pilot project!

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All the answers for your basic knowledge!

Atoms are the core of the game, the soul of the code, the manifestation of their unique string: the DNA. Every Atom is characterized by a DNA and, from the same, all of its attributes arise. Each DNA is unique, hence each Atom is unique with its set of characteristics.

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There are four Atom generations. An Atom of higher generation has bigger size and a more complex structure. Consequently, new Vibrations are available (for a more detailed description of the Vibrations please see the related section).


The level of an Atom depends on its number of sons. As the level increases, new links into the Atom appear and its cooldown time decreases (for a more detailed description of the Cooldown please see the related section below).
As the Atom reaches the fourth level, it achieves its stable and final shape for its specific generation, that brings to the Atom an enhanced ability! Think at a fourth level Atom as a gate to something bigger...!


After combining an Atom, the cooldown phase starts. During this time, your Atom is not able to combine again with any Atom. The cooldown phase depends on the Atom's level and generation.


This value shows the number of sons an Atom created during its existence. The number of sons is the key to level-up your Atom!


Every Atom is characterized by a mix of certain elements. Overall, there are eight elements, and the one which describes an Atom is the main element it is made of. This is the main distinction between the Atoms.


Based on the number of elements an Atom is made of, it is characterized by a certain level of pureness. Pure Atoms are very rare, as the majority is Hybrid. Will you find or create a pure Atom?


These properties describe the distribution inside an Atom and influence its design.


Vibrations list shows the elements of the periodic table (or their compounds...) which resonate the most with each Atom. An Atom of higher generation could have more Vibrations.

We are not going to tell you everything in this section... do your researches, experiment and find the best strategy to create the Atom of your dreams!
There are several actions you can do with your Atoms.


You can Combine two Atoms to make a brand new Atom, that will inherit some of the characteristics from both the genetic Atoms-parents. Use this function wisely and, depending on your strategy, combine digital lifeforms to reach the optimal characteristics you want for your Atoms! A birthing fee will be applied for each Combine.


The action Evolve is unlocked every time your Atom reaches a certain number of sons. Evolving an Atom increases its Level.


By using the Spread action, you are able to put your Atom into the Marketplace and make it available to other users for combine with their Atoms. To this extent, you can choose the Spreading price.
After Combine happens, your Atom gets a combine point, you get the Ether amount you set, your Atom is withdrawn from the Marketplace and appears only in your Wallet. You can put any of your Atoms available for Combine, and there is no limit to the number of Combine an Atom can be subject to, as long as you put it back in the Marketplace after a previous Combine is done. Also, you can take your Atom back from the Marketplace anytime you want.


Use the Sell action on your Atom if you want it to be available for sale into the Marketplace. After choosing a sale's price, every user is able to buy your Atom. You can take your Atom back from the Marketplace if you change your mind.
As your Atom is purchased, you are no longer its owner and you receive the amount of Ether you set as sale's price. Remember, an Atom can be available both for Spreading and Selling!


You can give your Atoms as a gift to another user you desire. To this extent, you just need the receiver user's wallet address (please refer to Action section).
In CryptoAtoms you and your Atoms can interact with other user's Atoms through the Marketplace, in two ways: Combine and Buy.


Use the Combine function to create a new Atom, using one of your Atoms and another user's Atom. The resulting Atom will be owned by you!
To this end, please note that every Atom in the Marketplace has a Spreading value, as follows:

  • "NO", which means that the Atom is not allowed to be combined, or

  • an Ether amount, which means that you can combine one of your Atoms with the Atom you choose in the Marketplace by paying the corresponding Ether value, as reported in its description. A birth fee (1 finney) will be applied for each Combine.

  • In this way, both the Atoms (yours and the other user's one) increase their sons value. Also, the new Atom created by the Combine will be yours.


    Every Atom in the Marketplace is characterized by a Selling value, as follows:

  • "NO", which means that the Atom can't be purchased, or

  • an Ether amount, which means you can purchase the Atom for sale paying the amount set by its owner.

  • In this way, you are the new owner of the Atom purchased, and it will appear in your Collection.
    The War of Atoms has loomed between Atoms. Find out how to conquer the Universe!


    The WAR OF ATOMS takes place in Arenas (every Arena belongs to an HOLDER)

    Atom's OWNERS can JOIN an Arena utilizing their Atoms

    To JOIN an Arena a FEE has to be paid by each Atom's OWNER

    An Arena is 'ACTIVE' until 8 Atoms JOIN it or its HOLDER closes it

    When an Arena is 'CLOSED' every Atom launches its own ATTACK

    The power of each ATTACK depends on Atom's genetic traits (mostly on Vibrations and Complexity)

    The Atom launching the stronger ATTACK becomes the Arena's WINNER

    In the event of a TIE, the first Atom that joined the Arena is the WINNER

    The HOLDER receives a PRIZE (half of the overall FEES paid for joining the Arena)

    The OWNER of the winning Atom receives an AWARD (he becomes HOLDER of new Arenas)


    GENERATION: Minimum and maximum GENERATION of an Atom for joining the Arena

    COMPLEXITY: Minimum and maximum COMPLEXITY of an Atom for joining the Arena

    JOINS-WINS: Minimum number of JOINS and WINS of an Atom for joining the Arena

    COMPLETION: Arena completion (100% when 8 Atoms join it)

    RANK: Sum of the Vibrations of the Atoms joining the Arena (if the Arena is not CLOSED the value is an estimation)

    FEE: Amount that has to be paid by the Atom's owner to join the Arena

    AWARD: Number of Arenas to be assigned to the winner's owner when the Arena is CLOSED with 100% completion

    CryptoAtoms interface is made of three main sections: Battleground, Marketplace and MyAtoms. Check also the 'More' section for additional features such as the majestic Universe!


    The Battleground section contains the list of all Arenas. The War of Atoms take place here! At the bottom of the section there are all the news on the battles.


    The Marketplace section is the place where trades happen! Interaction with other users Atoms will be here possible, allowing you to buy the Atoms on sale and combine your Atoms with those spreading.


    Here you will find your Atoms, and their main information. By clicking on an Atom herein contained, its specific page will appear, showing its specific information (characteristics, achievements, parents and sons, etc).


    The Holograms section contains the holograms of Atoms that reached Level 4. You can also find them by filtering the Universe by HOLOGRAM, selecting an Atom and clicking the 'VIEW HOLOGRAM' button.


    The Rankings section lists the best 5 Atoms in each category: Genetics, Vibrations, Complexity, Sons, Power, Rate, Joins and Wins.


    The Universe section contains all the existing Atoms!


    The Account section contains everything you did with your Atoms except Battleground's events (find them in the Battleground section!). The first information relates to your Ethereum account: address, balance, how many Atoms you own and which Ethereum provider you are connecting with.


    CryptoAtoms milestones and future developments!

    10 Jul

    The Black Hole appears in the Universe:
    CryptoAtoms smart contracts are deployed on the Ethereum blockchain!

    21 Jul

    The first hundred Atoms appear in the Universe:
    CryptoAtoms Beta Design Interface is released and everyone can own Atoms!

    16 Sep

    The Universe is expanding including more Atoms:
    CryptoAtoms Official Design Interface is released in order to provide a better experience!

    27 Dec

    The Universe and its Atoms reach a new dimension:
    CryptoAtoms ERC721 Token contract is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain!

    6 Feb

    The Universe evolves and expands towards the Multiverse:
    3D holographic projection from mobile screens is available for Atoms!!!

    14 Apr

    Atoms start creating complex structures:
    DNA mapping and Atoms rankings are available for users!!!

    1 Dec

    The War of Atoms looms in the Universe:
    Atoms are ready to fight epic battles and allow their owners to conquer the Universe!!!

    9 Sep

    The Universe keeps expanding but his energy is limited and his boundary have been discovered:
    No more then 3000 Atoms can be created!!!

    ? WIP

    ...and more...stay tuned!!


    CryptoAtoms Genetics

    "New Born" Generation

    This table shows the Generation of "New Born" Atoms.
    Find the "First Parent" Gen|Lev row and cross it with the "Second Parent" Gen|Lev column.


    Element & Pureness

    The table below shows all the possible Atoms Elements and how they are conditioned by Pureness.
    The last column shows the appearance rate of Atoms for each Pureness.


    Cooldown "Attribution"

    This table shows the Cooldown of Atoms according to their Generation and Level.
    These values are valid for all "Born" Atoms (those without "Parents" can have different values).



    FLASH5 minutes
    ULTRAFAST30 minutes
    SUPERFAST2 hours
    FAST6 hours
    NORMAL12 hours
    SLOW24 hours
    SUPERSLOW36 hours
    ULTRASLOW48 hours